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Premium Ice Distributor in the Durham Region

Black’s Ice Co. Inc. is the leading ice distributor in the Durham Region and a sister company to Black’s Water Supply Inc. The company has been proudly serving the Durham Region for over 25 years. We distribute premium ice from Arctic Glacier, a member of IPIA, ensuring the freshest product as it is Arctic Glacier’s principle —

 “As water is the only ingredient to make ice, the quality should be monitored just like any other food product. At Arctic Glacier, this process is conducted on a weekly basis instead of monthly or even annually as usually required.”

Contact Us

To make arrangements for pick up and pricing, please call 905-697-9897 and leave a message with your contact information.

Alternatively please email

ice cubes and mint leaves with a white background

Chill Out, We Have You Covered!

Whether you’re planning an event or own a convenience store, get premium ice from the Arctic Glacier at your disposal.

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